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How to build confidence with personal development


Personal development is a continuous process, a way of  life for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their  aims, vision to desires in life and set goals in order to realize and  maximize their potential. 

 This serves as a guide to you to identify the skills you desire to  set life goals which can enhance your expansion, raise your confidence  and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life. 

Plan to make relevant, positive and effective life choices and decisions for your future to enable personal empowerment.

Although  early life development and early formative experiences within the  family, at school, etc. can help to shape us as adults, personal  development should not stop later in life 

Managing Your Personal Development

There are a number of steps to take in managing your personal development and how to build confidence, including self confidence.

1. Developing a Personal Vision

Personal  development can simply be for expansion. Many, however, find it easier  to motivate themselves to learn and improve should we have a purpose in  doing so. 

Developing your personal vision - a  clear idea of where you want to be in a few months or years, and why -  is a crucial part of developing this purpose.

2. Planning Your Personal Development

The  moment you are clear about where you want to be, you can start planning  how to get there. Eliminate what no longer serves you. 

Drawing up a personal development plan is not essential; however it does make the planning process more realistic.

Should  you be struggling to identify which areas to target for development and  improvement, you may find it helpful to examine what makes you feel  less.

Your feelings will never lie to you, listen and pay attention when the signals are sent to you. 

 3.  Starting the Improvement Process

There are a number of different ways in which you can learn and develop though it requires the following:

Effort reflects interest





4. Recording Your Personal Development

What  you can count, you can manage so it’s an absolute essential ingredient  of Personal Development to keep a record of your personal development. 

By  writing down key developments in your learning and development as and  when they occur, you will be able to reflect on your successes later.

This  reflection may well help to motivate you to learn more skills in the  future. Keep a learning log or journal as you develop your skills and  knowledge.

5. Reviewing and Revising Personal Development Plans

Weekly monitor your progress at expansion by reading through your notes and identify the changes. 

6. Create lifestyle habits and daily rituals to read self confidence quotes.


What is Confidence

Benefits of confidence

Benefits of confidence

Confidence is not a quality that someone can teach you  like a book; confidence is a state of mind. Positive thinking, Positive  Feeling, Positive Speaking and practice, training, knowledge and talking  to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your  confidence levels,  says Lee Levy Dubai Life Coach. 

Benefits of confidence

Benefits of confidence

Benefits of confidence

Confidence develops from the following factors

  • feelings of well-being,
  • acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem)
  • and belief in your own ability, skills and experience


Benefits of confidence


Confidence is not a static measure, our confidence to perform  phenomenal roles and tasks can increase and decrease from one breath to  another; some days we may feel more confident than others.


Know your strength & weakness


Low-confidence is self-inflicted and a result of many factors including:

  • fear of the unknown,
  • criticism,
  • being unhappy with personal appearance (self-esteem),
  • feeling unprepared,
  • poor time-management,
  • lack of knowledge and previous pain triggers

With low self-confidence or no self-confidence, the coping mechanisms drops and the individual is not able to find courgae to livea full life.

Know your strength & weakness

Know your strength & weakness

Know your strength & weakness

Performing  a role or completing a task confidently is not about not battling.  Mistakes are inevitable, especially when doing something new. 

Confidence  includes knowing what to do when challenges come to light and therefore  is also about problem solving and decision making. 

Criticism is strength

Know your strength & weakness

Know your strength & weakness

Use criticism as a learning experience.
Everybody  sees the world differently, from their own perspective, what works for  one person may not work for another. 

Criticism is just the opinion of  somebody else. Be assertive when receiving criticism, don't reply in a  defensive way or let criticism lower your self-esteem. 

Listen to the  criticism and make sure that you understand what is being said, use  criticism as a way to learn and improve. Don't be victim, you a survivor

Motivation by Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy

Self- Motivation and your healing process by Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy